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Gundolf Schlosser

Welcome to RENGU Adventures Safaris Namibia

Hunting and Safari in Namibia

Steinhausen RENGU: a custom-tailored trophy hunting experience in Namibia - Member of NAPHA

RENGU Adventure Safaris situated in the Steinhausen area offers professional hunting combined with recreational safaris in the outstanding nature for which Namibia is known for.
You will spend a lot of eventful hunting and safari days particularly in the region of Steinhausen and see a multitudinous wildlife by Gundolfs Team:
Hartebeest, Warthog, Kudu, Oryx Antelope, Springbok, Steenbok, Duiker, Jackal, Baboon, Blesbok, Wildebeest, Zebra, Eland, Cheetah.
Action and Adventure in the nature that is our world of wildlife in Namibia.

Our Partner Martin is in the possession of a Bow hunting license, so we are in the position to offer you an exciting hunt with bow and arrow, which is most challenging.
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